ANIL GUPTA of IIMA, NIF, GIAN, SRISTI, HONEYBEE NETWORK is lying and fudging figures.

Note: Anil Gupta has built such a complex web of organizations with so many figureheads that it is difficult to mention them all every time. Instead I will refer to Anil Gupta, the mastermind and their most vocal representative.

On a puerile Michigan Radio blog about frugal innovation by Shobita Parthasarathy, Prof. Anil Gupta arrogantly replied thus to my simple, straight forward question.


Giving credence to Anil’s fervent claims, based on his credentials,  and genuinely curious, I went about reading up on the modifications these brothers Md. Mehtar D Hussain and Mustaq Ahmad made in windmill design which validated Anil Gupta’s classification of this as an invention and it’s eligibility for a patent. You too can here

(I would like to mention here that I feel bad dragging the two brothers into this. Their effort in building a windmill without ever having seen one has to be lauded and I have nothing but praise for their grit)

Unfortunately I could not find any tech specs to support Anil’s ludicrous claims. I am sure his weak excuse would be non disclosure to protect the invention. So, in spite of following Anil’s suggestion of educating myself and coming up with zilch, I resorted to the only other evidence available. The photos of this invention and the patent application.

The windmill Anil discovered in Assam was the most rudimentary contraption cranking an existing hand pump. The photo clearly indicates the frugal needs of the 2 brothers and their lack of understanding of even basic aerodynamics or mechanical linkages.


This was then transformed by Anil so beyond recognition with the technical help of Alstom (as they themselves claim) that they can’t even claim it is the original design or the actual intellectual involvement of the original makers.


aLSTHOM winmill

modified WINDMILL


The patent was then applied on this design. Anil and his brain washed, disillusioned, ignorant cronies should be hauled over the coals for misguiding others, false propaganda and fudging figures. Even their patent application reeks of duplicity and a clear mala fide intent to mislead. The application proves their hollow claims of an invention and has been applied for just to add to the numbers which suits his devious intent. There is no real invention.

But let me unravel this moral fraud systematically. There are too many, but I will try my best.

The first lie: Screen shot from NIF website under ‘Innovation Description’ of this windmill

screenshot-nif org in 2016-05-16 17-11-20_Lie 1 wind speed

NIF/GIAN/Anil say that “the windmills available in the market are Aerodynamic windmills”, meaning the blades have an aerofoil design and work on the Bernoulli’s Principle, and “these types have a high cut-in speed (minimum wind speed required for starting is about 5 to 7 Km/hr)”.

The windmill invented by the brothers “with a unique design works on the aerodynamic principle but is a drag type”. “It starts at a very low wind speed (ie about 8 to 10 Km/hr)

  • Anil Gupta must think the general public are fools not to notice the lie. High is 5-7 kmph, but the Indian invention has a low cut-in of 7-10 kmph?
  • Anil initially derides the ‘aerodynamic’ windmills and in the very next sentence, contrarily claims theirs is ‘aerodynamic, but drag type’ ??????

The second lie: GIAN collaborated with Alstom to implement the project and they were supposed to install 50 windmills. But according to Alstom website, the project was abandoned after phase 1 of 25 units.

But what is really shocking is that Anil Gupta and his multiple organizations and their websites proclaim that their selfless motto is “the Network has made it a norm to acknowledge the knowledge provider with name and reference —- These have been the guiding principles of the Network, which are fundamental to the functioning of the network and constitute the major non-negotiable for the Network. ”

But Alstom does not mention the 2 brothers. Instead the limelight is hogged by GIAN.

Where is your sense of fairness now prof. Anil Gupta? What is the real purpose of the multiple organizations you have started? It appears to be self-aggrandizement and an opportunity to lie your way around the globe.

Next post: Anil’s lie about an invention exposed