The lack of perfection in anything we do is the reason for the chaos all around us. Nothing fits anything, nothing lasts. Total anarchy.

The Indian concept of a good design is very superficial. We care more about the paint than the foundation.

This sweeping statement is bound the raise the hackles of our ‘designers’. But let me explain.

We design on computers. Even the most inexpensive CAD program is capable of a high degree of precision. The question I am oft asked – Where then is the lack of perfection in our designs?

Aha. Gotcha.


During one of my lectures, I had asked the audience of “interior designers” several basic questions on the methods of carpentry. The answers were, to say the least, totally inadequate. They were of the opinion that their responsibility ended with the paper they handed over to the carpenter.

I then presented them with a very simple drawing, simple on a computer, that is. Their challenge was to get their carpenters to fabricate it.

carp challenge

It is a very simple six sided flower pot. For this exercise we discarded the bottom. I also saved them the embarrassment of assembling the six pieces. All they had to do was produce the individual pieces.

The results were 100% FAIL.

I then asked our future interior designers to explain the IDEAL process on paper.

The results were 100% FAIL.

The problem? “Elementary, my dear Watson Indian”

We don’t have a tool to measure 120 degrees. This is the shameful fact. As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, we are a skill based society. We don’t believe in carrying a large tool kit. It insults our ability. He who walks in unencumbered by tools is a true skilled worker.

I will again excuse the worker, for he is illiterate and knows no better. But what about our “Designers”? What does such ignorance, about their own profession say of their abilities. A serious flip side to this ignorance is that our designers are street smart and in perfect sync with their work force. They take great pains to ensure that they never design anything their worker cannot produce.

In the end it is the consumer who suffers.