How to save Venice. Indian cities have the solution.

Well, we Indians have inadvertently stumbled upon the solution to Venice’s problem. Not just venice but a host of other coastal cities which are under threat of being inundated.

It is not often that some good comes out of the most absurd actions and we Indians who have mastered absurdity have rarely seen any good come out of it. But not so this time. Our stupid and greedy actions have finally paid off.

What ails Venice and other such cities are rising sea levels which threaten to submerge them eventually. They are desperately trying and failing to stem the rising sea by building barricades.

But we in Bangalore, even though not threatened by this phenomenon, have been slowly but surely raising our city. Not only that we also plan for this rise.

A look at this photo will prove how we have managed to elevate our city by more than 24 inches over the past 3 decades.

fire hydrant

This is a, now defunct, fire hydrant near my house. 3 decades ago, it was fully visible and the street and footpath was lower than its base. Our stupid and corrupt practice of re-asphalting our streets every year has added so many layers that we have finally managed to sink it.

Every time the road is re-asphalted, the footpaths are also raised. But recently a new phenomenon has surfaced. Every time a footpath is raised, they raise it by 10-15 inches. This ensures that they can cope with the rising road for several years. To hell with the pedestrians who are actually supposed to use this.


I am sure if Venice hires our city planners and contractors, they can be sure to elevate their city out of the reaches of the sea.