Indians can NEVER change.

Indians are instinctive. Instinct rules and dictates most actions of an Indian.

Instinct is hardwired into every living organism and there is nothing bad about it. The basic instinct is to survive. Survival also involves nourishment and procreation. And hence these are the primary traits we see in, say, plants.

But any organism with even a grain sized brain has learned to control and manipulate these instincts. Since instinct is involuntary, controlling them needs discipline and a resolute mind. These are the organisms which thrive. Man is a good example, but one of many.

Thinking is essential and good. If we didn’t, we would still be cavemen. surviving by eating and mating.

But instincts can change too. And this is called evolution. A time consuming process. And during evolution, the non-thinking, only instinctive species runs a great risk of elimination and extermination. Manipulating instinct is also very dangerous. A non-logical instinct, trains the brain to do the wrong thing involuntarily. The results may not be immediately visible. But time will prove it to be the death knell of that particular species.

Take the case of the Kakapo. A parrot from New Zealand. Several millennia ago this was a parrot happily flying about. Then a bunch of them realized there was more food on the ground, or they were plain lazy and didn’t want to fly. Now, these birds have become so gigantic, they cannot even hop. They forage the forest floor, clumsily dawdling about, an easy prey and on the verge of extinction.

So how can we prove Indians don’t think and still are instinctive. Will this lead to our extermination? Or at least economic subjugation by a superior race? Can we overcome instinct and learn to think?

Let us look at a small segment of our lives. Something we do by instinct, involuntarily. Would thinking help us to eliminate this instinct and open our minds to learn to analyze. Controlling this may lead us to look for more such serious issues and tackle them successfully.

Every Indian, every damn one of us, without exception, honks.
Stupid example? May be irrelevant if you try to analyze what evolutionary impact this may have on future Indians. But critical if you look at this as an example of our ability to not think.

Why do Indians really honk? Is it really necessary? Is it justified every time we do? We use it involuntarily instead of the brake for any obstacle. Not because this obstacle was a threat but it impeded our smooth and royal passage. We do it so instinctively, thoughtlessly and obsessively, that we have even started honking at speed breakers and signal lights.

Let us all vow to take a small test. The next time we honk, count the five times you have done so. Stop your car or bike and analyze the results. Will take just a minute of your bloody precious time.

  • Did your honking have the desired effect of alerting the obstacle?
  • Did the sleeping cow run away?
  • Did the jay walker heed your call or did you just bully the pedestrian on the zebra crossing?
  • Did your honking at an intersection dangerously distract all the others who were not your intended recipient?
  • Has our incessant honking led to a ‘wolf, wolf’ situation where nobody even cares anymore?
  • If you hadn’t honked, would you have really met with an accident?
  • Was your honking a manifestation of your own lack of confidence, control and driving ability?
  • Have you started to use the horn in frustration and to vent your anger?
  • Would it have been better to just apply the brake and slow down a bit?

If after this exercise, you voluntarily disconnect the horn, then India still has hope.