Jugaad – A curse on Indians

There are several definitions of Jugaad. The flattering ones have somehow managed to give a positive spin to this accursed stigmatic cancer that has killed all forms of innovation and quality in Indians.

It is very easy for academicians or westerners, not subject to the ills of Jugaad to glamorize it. But for those of us suffering it on a daily basis, this photo speaks a thousand words.

The true essence of Jugaad

I shot this photo while on a trip to Nandi Hills, a popular hillock near Bengaluru. These type of structures are commonly found in front of temples. 

But look at the photo and the clueless morons standing under it. #1 Exposed rebars in the heavy concrete canopy. #2 A casuarina pole propped up to replace a broken concrete pillar. #3 The short pole precariously propped up on 2 blocks of stone (Zoom in on 3 and you can see the chamfered base of the pole).

This photo lucidly depicts the true nature of Jugaad. A quick fix, with whatever is available, with sheer contempt to safety, science, engineering, common sense or aesthetics.

And the Indians under it amplify our collective attitude of ignorance, apathy and tremendous stupidity.