Michigan Radio thread – My reply to Prof. Anil Gupta

Comment thread source Michigan Radio – Fostering grassroots innovation: Lessons India can teach Michigan

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Whoa. Once you realize you are not in a classroom but among your peers and superiors and stop assigning homework, you may yet learn something about real innovation. Kindly read my blog www.chetanprasad.com, subscribe to online magazines like www.instructables.com, scour, collect and read old issues of Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Science and Mechanics, Mechanics Illustrated, pick up some tools, build, disassemble/assemble or repair something, understand how things are made, design a gadget, hunt scrapyards for a component, be subjected to ridicule and then worthily wear the crown of a critic, proponent or spokesperson of any form of innovation.

I have done enough homework, in fact more than you and I don’t need to constantly re-read your pedantic websites other than to understand your lack of understanding of the subject. So please stop quoting the same 5 websites as if they were the ten commandments. They are not. The real world of innovation is much more accomodative, diverse and evolved than your proverbial ‘frog in the well’ vision.

I also tried to keep it civil, hoping that this discussion will enrich. not just the 2 of us but several others. But your repeatedly supercilious barbs shows I was mistaken. Unfortunately, your pot is already full.

And why is it that you never answer a question to the point, but instead start sermonizing and dodging? I will repeat them again for your benefit.

1. What is the real technological innovation in this windmill you found worthy of a patent?
2. What is the Indian system of innovation?

Since you have challenged my competence, I dare you to concisely answer and defend these questions in an open forum of your choice, instead of hiding behind the privacy of an email. Don’t you think you should, for a change, give the world a chance to grade your answers?

And a double dare. Why not have a debate at IIMA?  Your turf, your audience, your convenience, you and me debating all aspects of innovation. You don’t even have to host me. I will be there. And before you question my eligibility, I am just 10th pass, uneducated and a grass root innovator and fall right into the category you do shodyatras to discover and promote. Well, here I am saving you all the trouble.
Spoiler Alert: But I am not illiterate, ignorant or inarticulate.