Why I drive without a license

It is a well known fact. The RTOs are cess pits of corruption.

There are several ways to fight this legally and I am optimistic that we will eradicate this in a couple of decades or when we outsource this to foreigners, which ever happens first. It is a pity that neither Anna Hazare nor ‘yours truly’ will be around then.

But the war that cannot be won is not the corruption of money but the corruption of integrity.

Every half baked driver these ba*%@$ds let loose on our streets is a license to kill.

I have been driving since I was 15 years and that was 3 decades ago. I have driven and ridden all over the country, all terrains, most cars and bikes. Yet, I have never had a major accident, never broken a bone. A nudge and a scratch here & there are my only proof to infamy.

My first license was obtained without even seeing an RTO office. This was confiscated within the first 2 months and I have never owned a license since then.

I have been fined a few times and I have willingly paid a fine but never applied for another license because

1. The entire exercise of the cops checking you for a license is to levy a fine and hence a commercial venture. So I too contribute to the cause.


Will you agree to a commerce graduate correcting your engineering answer paper? Why would any sane person willingly submit to the humiliation of a nincompoop in uniform asking you inane questions and subjecting you to a pointless test, when you eventually have to pay to pass.

It is an insult to my ability as an intelligent, sane, blemish free, thinking, caring, conscientious driver to own a driving license in India.